Agenda 09/04/2013

Brief Introduction of Current officers and chairs for ASP.


We will discuss the remaining dates for the seat cushion installation fundraiser.

MUP Welcome Party

The party is to be held at Dr. Van Zandt's house on Friday September 6, 2013

please sign up if you are bringing something to the party or if you will be attending. 

Imagining New Futures

Jeremy will present a few details regarding INF. 


Dates of Conference will be October 2-5th 

Joel will discuss the logistics of the conference regarding hotel stay, travel and other details encompassign the trip.

We will also need to generate a head count for the people planning to attend the conference. 


Please provide shirt sizes if you are interested in purchasing a polo or t-shirt through ASP. 


Haotian will present on upcoming social events, and ideas for possible future gatherings. 

Second year information

  • internship requirements
  • degree plans
  • apply for certificates

First-year representative 

We will nominate and elect a representative for the first year MUP students.

Pictures for Meet the MUPs

All first year MUPs are invited to provide a picture and a bullet list of information including: 

  • hometown
  • previous education
  • area of focus or interest in planning

What Planners Do Series

Dr. Van Zandt will say a few words regarding this series, and the tenative dates for the presentations. 

Remind everyone to stay active on the facebook pages as well as get the first years to sign in on the google doc. 


Minutes 03/19/2013

March 19, 2013 Minutes

Hazards and Planning Panel

Please welcome Monica Weintraub, University Emergency Manager, Chuck Frazier, County Emergency Manager, and John Cooper, fomer emergency manager and planner and current Associate Professor of Practice. 


Class of 2014 ASP Officers: (Congratulations!)

The following positions will be nominated and voted on:

President- Maria

Treasurer- Joel

Communications Officer- Mark


The following positions will be nominated and appointed:

Fall Forum Chair- Jeremy

Career Fair Chair- Travis Liska

Social Chair-Hoatian

Tactical Urbanism Chair- Katie


Big Event- Saturday, March 23rd

Fundraiser: March 26th at Sully's at 7pm

Next Meeting: April 2nd at 12:25pm

National APA Conference- April 13-17th (see attached powerpoint)

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